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Here at Network Inference, we aim to provide clear, practical advice from experts who succeeded in their job as top marketing professionals. 

Whether you're looking to find a new job, advance at your current position, or explore new paths, our interviews will help you find a path, often an unusual path. We also cooperate with students who share their stories of starting up the adult life. 

Many of our stories feature Dutch brands because we really like Holland and its business climate!

We carefully select only the most skilled professionals to share their wisdom with our readers. Each person interviewed by us is a recognized expert in the field of marketing and advertising.
In addition, most of them speak on marketing issues at conferences and meetings.


We also would like to share these resources with you, should you be operating in an online environment and would like to take a look at some of these with your staff. At the moment we work with these apps:


This is an online project management application, that is super easy to use. This app allows us to store all the documents, assignments, work deadlines, and interactions about a certain project. We are using this app for all sorts of things, from continuing, open-ended tasks such as accounting, to one-time, fixed-date assignments such as speaking events, new publications, and video releases. I have discovered that the majority of online and remote workers are acquainted with this tool, and use it as well with their other relations.


We are using this well-known instrument to share information with each other, and it is getting better all the time. At the time you sync data from your pc to Dropbox, you are able to share that file with your colleagues and invite them to a shared file. This tool is also very simple and easy to work with. Actually, I have all my files synced with Dropbox, so that I am able to share virtually any document whenever I want without the need to proceed it first to a particular folder. This app also functions as an excellent backup program In case I need to have it.


This actually is a password management application that makes it possible for me to show my passwords and login details to my colleagues while minimizing my security and safety risks. I have the option to communicate this information in several ways. If I hand out my password to them, they are able to see and use it. If I share it, they can not see it, it stays hidden, but they are able to use it. In case you have your doubts about sharing confidential and sensitive financial information (and you actually should), this program is a great help. Though it is not one hundred percent secure (a specialized programmer can still find your personal passwords), it is protecting you from non-technical fraudulent co-workers.


Of course, there is nothing that beats a face-to-face business meeting, but Skype is coming close. One of the benefits is that you don't have to put up with the hassle of travel. We use Skype for personal and smaller meetings. For instance, once a week we meet with my management team, Brian, Joy, and my assistant, Trivinia. When we use Skype, it kind of feels like we are together in the same room. We are able to look at each other, we can share screens and share textual content links or additional relevant data. And if needed, we even are able to record the meeting.


This is an application that I use if I want to exchange screenshots and quick screencasts with my management team. This app allows me to share quickly and easily what I see with my team, instead of describing it via my email. The program has quite a few annotation instruments, that enable me to highlight specifics and to direct their attention towards specific things. I additionally have the option to upload a screencast with just one click. The app automatically copies the screencast's link to the clipboard, and then I can paste it into an email and mail it to my fellow workers.


This is an online tool for saving repeating procedures, and it allows me to present step-by-step directions to my teammates, and this enables them to reproduce the procedure and complete certain tasks. I even have the option to include screenshots and screencasts. Here is an example of a technique we implement when I plan to interview industry experts via Skype for one of my programs.

The tools and instruments are continuously improving, and there are constantly new ones to be discovered and experimented with. But the fact is that the current offering of these apps has made possible what we could only dream of just a few years ago, and really, I can’t wait to discover what the future has in store.

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