Gary North-Y2K Guru - Reflections 2 Decades Later

It's been almost two decades now but New York Times Magazine referred to him in those days as "Gary North-Y2K guru." ABC featured him in a prime-time head-for-the-hills news story and Wired called him "a historian and early leader in the Y2K preparedness movement." His name is Gary North and the media had anointed him as their official Year 2000-survival poster boy.

Corporate Branding at Akzo Nobel - Interview with Nathalie Quéré

Let's take a close look at Corporate Branding at Akzo Nobel - Interview with Nathalie Quéré. Can you introduce yourself, Nathalie? What’s your background? What are the most important tasks you have as the head of corporate communication?

My name is Nathalie Quéré and I have been of Head of Corporate Branding at AkzoNobel since March 2012. I am essentially responsible for all aspects of the AkzoNobel brand, which includes raising global awareness and ensuring that our businesses all over the world use and promote the brand in the right way.

Scott White, VP Sales at Rackspace

Scott White, VP Sales at Rackspace, RealCo Seed Fund Program Mentor, is a San Antonian who has spent the majority of his career at Rackspace. He grew up in different roles within the company including sales, marketing, and service delivery. His career has taken him to London where he ran international sales. He spent a short time at a healthcare cloud startup but remained in touch with Rackspace and eventually decided to return.

Dutch Brands and Dutch Businesses are everywhere

The Netherlands, or Holland, is a relatively small country but it has so many successful international brands that it makes you wonder what the reasons are for this phenomenon. So let's see how come Holland has so many strong brands?

Well, it is generally known that the economy of The Netherlands strongly depends on foreign trade and that it is a European transportation hub, just think of the Port of Rotterdam. But there is more to it. The Dutch companies extend their presence abroad, they greatly contribute to the European and American economy.

Shared Value Examples - Jos van Haastrecht, DSM

Creating Shared Value (CSV) is a recently developed corporate strategy that encourages leading companies to identify new areas of growth and profitability while building sustainable, scalable solutions for challenges such as access to healthcare, education, and nutrition, alleviating poverty, while simultaneously promoting environmental sustainability. In this article, we'll look at Shared Value Examples - Jos van Haastrecht, DSM.

This strategy was introduced by Harvard strategy guru Michael Porter in cooperation with Mark Kramer.

Kasia Bialek About Advancing her Career by Moving Abroad

Kasia Bialek works in a senior position for one of the most popular global brands and to get this job, she became an expat and relocated  to Germany. Like many highly-skilled expats, she has a higher income as a result of that move and she definitely advanced her career. We talked with Kasia Bialek about the challenges and rewards of moving abroad for a better career path.Kasia Bialek enjoys her life in Germany

Top Dutch Innovations from TenCate, DSM , Philips, and Schiphol

Dutch companies have always had a strong focus on innovation, the strong rise in innovative concepts in business cannot be denied. Recent discoveries and developments in new technologies, new products, and new services can be traced to the Netherlands. Check out this list of five ingenious Dutch innovations. They have been shaping new realities and meeting market needs for some time.

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