Jupiler League and TenCate synthetic grass fields

TenCate was chosen by the Jupiler League as a vendor of synthetic grass for football fields only a few years way back.

It was big news from many perspectives, first of all, Dutch professional football was choosing synthetic turf instead of natural grass. Would other countries follow?

Secondly, the system that was chosen is the innovative matrix system from TenCate. This new system is based on a patented weaving technology as opposed to tufted techniques.

This is the first official synthetic turf system that combines optimal performance for players with sustainability, the pitches are fully recyclable.

Last but not least, the winning vendor is a public company that is listed on NYSE Euronext (AMX), so for investors, this is really great news; it opens new possibilities and brings positive vibrations. This also shows in this award for early-career researchers for example.

TenCate is a market leader in the production of synthetic fibers and components that are used to produce synthetic grass for football pitches.

Synthetic grass and football have already a 10 years history. In 2003 it was first approved for use at football’s elite level by both FIFA and UEFA. Since then FIFA controls the quality of synthetic turf fields.

They launched the FIFA Quality Concept to compare the characteristics of synthetic turf and have a database of producers. Currently, FIFA lists 28 producers in its database, and the FIFA Preferred Producers contain 9 companies, 2 of which are Dutch. Both GreenFields and Edel Grass are using innovative TenCate synthetic grass for delivering winning systems, moreover, GreenFields is a subsidiary of TenCate.

TenCate is considered the producer of the best synthetic grass worldwide.

TenCate will install the pitches for the Jupiler League together with its subsidiary company GreenFields and carefully selected partners.

And the “grass” isn’t the only green thing with an artificial turf field. By using recycled materials and eliminating the need for watering, mowing and applying chemicals, the TenCate artificial turf field is environmentally friendly, too. Read also this post about family-owned business (unlike TenCate) such as VDL Group.