The Role of TenCate Geotextiles in the Delta Works

The Dutch are real professionals when it comes to managing the power of water. If they would not have developed in the past a highly sophisticated water defense system for their country, a major part of the Netherlands would be under water. This post addresses the Role of TenCate Geotextiles in the Delta Works in the Netherlands

Just imagine that one-fourth of the country lies beneath sea level and the lowest point is 6.74 meters below sea level. For decades, the Dutch developed sustainable solutions to fight the consequences of rough weather and climate change, resulting in the rise of sea level.

Today, many countries worldwide are challenged by these circumstances. Remember how Super Storm Sandy and other hurricanes affected the eastern seaboard of the USA. It is no wonder that many other countries are turning to the Netherlands for inspiration, guidance and specific expertise in water management.

One of the most amazing and prestigious proven projects showcasing the Dutch capabilities are the “Delta Works”, a giant sea barrier. The infographic below explains how the Dutch used geotextiles (a super strong synthetic fabric invented nearly 60 years ago by TenCate) for creating a solid foundation for a massive dam that consists of 66 concrete pillars which are about 40 meters high. This World Wonder successfully has been holding back the North Sea and has protected the Netherlands from floods for decades. Check out also this article about TenCate and Synthetic Turf.